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I made Everlasting Star for the sole purpose of keeping a part of Marilyn Monroe alive : her image. Therefore, 90% of this site focuses on Marilyn Monroe's image and nothing else. If you want to learn facts about Marilyn Monroe, please create an account on our boards or visit some of the sites I have recommended.

Sat, 19 October 2019

Face It: Debbie Harry and Marilyn

Of all the performers influenced by Marilyn’s style, few have paid homage with as much panache as Blondie singer Debbie Harry – albeit with a punk rock edge all her own. In the first of two extracts from her new memoir, Face It, Debbie looks back to her childhood days with her adoptive New Jersey …

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Fri, 18 October 2019

Marilyn and the Brother Mankiewicz

The Brothers Mankiewicz, a dual biography of screenwriters Joseph and Herman Mankiewicz, has just been published. Herman, the elder brother, boasted credits for Dinner at Eight, The Wizard of Oz, and Citizen Kane; while Joe, eleven years his junior, also worked as a producer and director, and gave a little-known actress a big break. In …

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Thu, 17 October 2019

How Norma Jeane Inspired ‘Blonde’

With the Netflix adaptation of Blonde now in production, Joyce Carol Oates tells Crime Reads that it was originally conceived on a more modest scale – and while this epic novel has its admirers, others may wish it had stayed that way. (The photo above shows Norma Jeane aged 18. Oates was inspired by a …

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Thu, 17 October 2019

House Passes Marilyn’s Post Office Bill

Plans to name a Van Nuys Boulevard office after Marilyn, proposed by local representative Tony Cardenas, were approved by the House this week. The bill, which also requests for another post office to be named after musician Ritchie Valens, will now go to the Senate for further consideration. (The young Norma Jeane Baker lived in …

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Sat, 12 October 2019

Marilyn’s ‘Day by Day’ on Audible

Carl Rollyson’s 2015 book, Marilyn Monroe: Day By Day, is now available on Audible (narrated by Joe Farmichella.)